A narrative recap of the first run our players took together in the Chicago Containment Zone. Theme as always by Deadeye. Background sounds are Chicag...View Details

Cabin in the Woods

Deadeye takes the crew somewhere safe to lay low after the hit on the Renraku facility and put the paydata on a storage device. Music:She Told You Not...View Details

Goodbye, 2019! Listen as Opti, Mr. Johnson of The Arcology, Mak, Alli of Awakened Shadowcast, Wolf of Deniable Assets, and Palmer of Radio Free Detroi...View Details

Drake: Part 4

The crew wraps the Renraku run, and makes a stop on the way out.  Background Music: Prism Shard - Hope Subsumed, Legwork Bio Unit - Mt. Fuji Scott Buc...View Details

Drake: Part 3

The next installment of the Renraku run. Butch intimidates a guard, and Deadeye fights a Matrix dog.  Background music: OKAM - The Ark

Drake: Part 2

We're professionals. When Mr. Johnson asks us to create a distraction, we create a fraggin' distraction.  Background music: OKAM - The Ark

Drake: Part 1

The crew stops by a talismonger to do some recon and pick up some magical gear, then begins their infiltration of the Renraku building. Music: Bio Uni...View Details

Seems we haven't introduced ourselves properly. How rude of us! Meet the cast & their characters, and learn a bit about Missoula in the Sixth Worl...View Details

Coming Home: Episode 1

A group of shadowrunners returns home from Chicago and goes their separate ways, only to reconvene again when offered another run. For better or for w...View Details

Hoi, chummers! We're Pink Mohawk Edition. Here's a little taste of what you can expect from us.  Thanks to Radio Free Detroit for allowing us to use s...View Details

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